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Corporate overview

What is Domos FS?

Domos FS is a leading software provider specialised in the management of Alternative funds investing in non-listed assets ie. private equity, real estate, infrastructure, debt and fund-of-funds. Our SaaS platform, called Domos, is designed to support alternative investment fund managers and their service providers -especially third party AIFMs, fund administrators and depositaries– in the streamlining of their processes, operations, and reporting.

Fast facts


Offices in Europe


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Assets under software (bn €)

Funds managed

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Our history

A decade of innovation in Alternatives

It all began with curious minds. Could the alternatives market be organized more efficiently? How can we harness data to drive intelligence? Our visionary CEO identified software as a catalyst for industry transformation. Now, a decade later, our company stands at the forefront of rapid growth.

2013 – 2015

Creation of the company, focus on real estate.
3 first customers in Luxembourg

2016 – 2019 

Extension of the data model onto private equity and debt funds
16 customers in Luxembourg

2020 – 2022

Enlargement of the data model to funds of funds and infrastructure funds 
40 customers all over Europe 

2023 – 2026

Development of new solutions, update of user interface
Focus on international expansion


Arnaud Vinciguerra

Arnaud Vinciguerra

Founder and CEO

Fanny Metz

Fanny Metz

Co-founder, Head of Professional Services

Philippe Jovenin

Philippe Jovenin

Co-founder, CTO

Benoît Moulin

Benoît Moulin

Co-founder, Sales & Marketing leader

Aurélie Nivarosa

Aurélie Nivarosa

HR Manager

Omar Ceron-Meliani

Omar Ceron-Meliani

Head of Sales France & Southern Europe

Guillaume Michelet

Guillaume Michelet

Head of Product & Presales

Board Members

Nicolas Paulmier

Nicolas Paulmier

Hugues Chabanis

Hugues Chabanis

Olivier Vinciguerra

Olivier Vinciguerra

Our values

Work ethic & Solidarity

Our core values show our ecosystem of customers, partners, and employees the kind of relationships they can anticipate when collaborating with us. 


At the heart of our commitment to excellence is an unwavering dedication to expertise. It ensures that we deliver mastery and knowledge in all aspects of what we do. 


Our enthusiasm fuels our passion for innovation, propelling our mission to create positive change. 

Value of work 

The intrinsic value of work guides our dedication to producing meaningful and impactful results.

Mutual support 

It is the cornerstone of our collaborative spirit, fostering a culture where we uplift and empower one another in our shared journey to success.  

Customer first

Customer centricity is embedded in our DNA, shaping every decision and action to deliver a personalized experience to our clients. 

Life at Domos FS

We’ve created a workplace culture that not only promotes professional growth but also ensures that our employees have a blast while doing it. It’s where work and fun seamlessly come together to make a career truly fulfilling. 

Association memberships 

We take pride in our active membership within esteemed professional associations across European countries, committed to diligently representing, promoting, and safeguarding the interests of the private equity and venture capital industry. Through our involvement, we contribute to the collective strength and growth of the sector, fostering collaboration, best practices, and a robust framework for sustained success.