Accelex and Domos FS partner to bring end-to-end automation to alternative investors

Domos FS and Accelex have partnered to combine cutting-edge technology platforms, providing alternative investors with a comprehensive solution covering portfolio management with enhanced document and data workflows.

As the alternative investment markets continue to grow, the demand for automation, operational efficiency and transparency is paramount. Domos FS provides an innovative set of tools specifically designed to enable alternative investors and managers to streamline processes and enhance reporting capabilities. Combined with Accelex’ SaaS platform, adding industry-leading document acquisition and data extraction, clients will benefit from a significant reduction in expensive, manual processes – allowing their teams to focus on driving better investment outcomes.

“This partnership is extremely harmonious, we are two technology firms with a very similar vision; bringing automation to an industry struggling with outdated processes for data acquisition, analytics and reporting”, explains Franck Vialaron, CEO at Accelex. “Together with Domos FS it is our goal to provide clients with a joined-up solution designed to reduce resource intensive, manual processes, enabling investors to dedicate their time to higher value tasks. This is a very exciting announcement, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership with our colleagues at Domos FS”.

The Accelex solution is a tremendous complement to what we do here at Domos FS. Their technology solves a key issue for our current and future client base and, the approach taken by Accelex, is set to disrupt how alternative market participants think about complex data and documentation collection including funds investees’ and notices. Like Accelex, we believe automation is vital as we adapt to changing investor and client needs.

Arnaud Vinciguerra, CEO of Domos FS

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