Domos FS and CDDS to collaborate on Know Your Counterparts standards

Domos FS has integrated CDDS Luxembourg’s Risk application programming interfaces to meet Know Your Counterparts requirements for Alternative Investment Funds.

Know Your Counterparts

By automating the back and middle-office processes of non-listed alternative investment funds, Domos FS Apps cover the entire value chain of Private Assets funds, from portfolio monitoring and transaction management to risk management through compliance and reporting. By using CDDS Risk API, DOMOS FS is continuing to develop its offer adding KYC, i.e. Know Your Counterparts, and AML, i.e. anti-money laundering, functionalities to its solutions.

When it comes to alternative investment fund players, we extend the KYC function, traditionally known as “Know Your Customer”, to Counterparts. Indeed, unlisted transactions require precise identification of the selling and buying parties.

“CDDS Risk API is fully integrated into our modular solution. All of our users can automate the Know Your Counterparts function, whether for investments or for investors to customise their own risk assessment methods or add standards.”

Benoît Moulin, co-founder, Domos FS

“Over the past five years, we have focused on the development of application programming interfaces to enable different types of AML/CFT controls to be integrated directly into third-party applications. As such, the cooperation between CDDS and DOMOS FS came naturally to provide clients with an integrated offer.”
Philippe Lassine, Managing Director, CDDS

Both fintechs are members of Luxembourg House of Financial Technology.

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