Domos FS further strengthens data security

The latest technological tools offer many advantages to players in the alternative investment fund sector. To further strengthen data security, Domos FS has chosen to rely on the PSF cloud infrastructure of CTG Luxembourg.

Recent technological developments, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence and automation, offer new opportunities to players in the financial world. The automation of certain processes and reporting, in particular, makes it possible to improve productivity and optimise costs. This is precisely what DOMOS FS offers through its solution dedicated to the alternative investment fund industry.

Our product is aimed at fund managers as well as central administrations and custodian banks. DOMOS covers the entire value chain, from portfolio management to risk management, including regulatory reporting, compliance, fundraising and investor management.

Benoît Moulin, Co-founder of DOMOS FS

A highly secure cloud

For DOMOS FS, the proposed tool, however comprehensive, cannot be fully credible and relevant if it is not highly secure.

As our clients are alternative investment funds or solution providers for these funds, they are subject to the CSSF’s cloud circular. It was therefore essential to offer them data hosting on a PSF cloud, offering higher level of security.

Benoît Moulin, Co-founder of DOMOS FS

Although CTG Luxembourg is not the only player in the market to offer this type of infrastructure, the company does have a long experience that gives it certain competitive advantages.

We have been active in financial services for more than 25 years and, as a support PFS since 2004, we have been constantly audited by the CSSF. This offers important guarantees to our clients.

Frédéric Warrant, Solutions Architect at CTG Luxembourg

DOMOS FS likes the scalable nature of the solution offered by CTG Luxembourg.

The infrastructure allocated to us can be adapted according to our needs. The CTG teams also respond to specific requests, such as the encryption of our clients’ most sensitive data. This is a real plus when we know how important the security of this data is to them.

Benoît Moulin, Co-founder of DOMOS FS