General Partners

Discover the most effective ways to simplify your operations.

Your challenges

Ensure adept management of various data sources, navigation of complex regulatory obligations, and fulfillment of the evolving expectations of both customers and investors.

What’s in Domos for General Partners ?

Investor relations & Fundraising

Investor Portal Includes datarooms and the onboarding process.
Dashboards & Reporting suite

Portfolio monitoring, valuation & Investment lifecycle

Fund operations

Regulatory Reporting

Generate, send and archive your regulatory reports in one place.
Discover the Regulatory & Reporting suite solution

Core functionalities

  • Structuring and monitoring of investments and portfolios
  • Generation and management of regulatory reports
  • Better accounting processes and cash flow management
  • On the fly reporting capabilities

Benefits of the platform

  • Unified data source
  • Unparalleled investor experience
  • Improved investment performance
  • Automated compliance to regulatory requirements