Meet Benoît Moulin, co-founder of Domos FS

Benoît Moulin has co-founded Domos FS. The 36 year-old European Bourguignon man is a happy husband and father. On top of being a mountain climber and rider, Benoît Moulin is a bon vivant. Discover his career path and how he built the sales team of Domos FS.

What did you do before joining Domos FS?

Benoît Moulin: Born for sales, I was selling stones collected on the beach to my neighbors when I was 6.

I studied business at a French business school. During my studies, I did internships and study sessions in London, Barcelona, Stockholm and Luxembourg. That’s when I really felt a European citizen.

Following a rich entrepreneurship journey in Green Finance and Financial Advisory, I integrated PwC Luxembourg, along with with my business partner and colleagues.

There, I was advising Management Companies and Depositary Banks on the upcoming AIFMD Directive until 2013. At that time, I could identify a big technology gap for these businesses to deal with Real Assets.

Why did you join Domos FS?

Benoît Moulin: Domos FS was natural to me as it offers a solution to the gap I could identify in my previous advisory role.

It was also the opportunity to come back to entrepreneurship while focusing on sales which was the area I wanted to concentrate on.

“The Fund Industry, particularly the Real Assets branch of this industry is booming ! “

Working in a growing sector is rewarding and presents many opportunities.”

What’s your role in Domos FS?

Benoît Moulin: I joined Domos FS to bring the solution onto the market.

Basically, I develop relationships, build trust with people, create and maintain a network of professionals that can become clients, partners, and even friends.

With my partners and colleagues, we define sales targets and the strategy (and resources) to reach them.

I am also doing my best to bring fun to our ambitious journey!

What does it feel like to be working in a Fundtech?

Benoît Moulin: It is great! The Fund Industry, particularly the Real Assets branch of this industry is booming. Working in a growing sector is rewarding and presents many opportunities.

In addition, this is an industry where we have the chance to always meet with super skilled and smart professionals.

What do you like the most?

Benoît Moulin: Meeting (new) people, whether at events or more formally at our or their premises !

Developing relationships and having fun with my clients, partners and colleagues 🙂