Frédéric Rochat

Meet Frédéric Rochat, R&D project Manager

A project manager in the Research and Development department, Frederic Rochat main mission is to ensure the scalability of DOMOS solution.

What did you do before joining Domos FS?

Frederic Rochat: I have 13 years of experience in the financial industry. I started my career in Geneva where I did an IT graduate program in an asset management firm named Capital International. I then moved to New York City to develop some risk controls for Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking. I finally spent over 8 years at our CEO’s previous company, Sophis, which is now part of Finastra.

First, I was an expert software engineer in the risk management team, focusing on the computation of the Value at Risk and stress tests. Then I became the manager of the portfolio team, in charge of the P&L calculation and aggregation of financial indicators.

Why did you join DOMOS FS?

Frederic Rochat: I joined DOMOS FS for 3 reasons:

  1. The industry. My experience so far was in the financial markets. I was very curious about the alternative investment industry.
  2. The technology. Domos FS uses a modern technnology stack, which includes Java, TypeScript, React, MySQL, Mongo, Elasticsearch, Redis and Docker.
  3. The people. I already knew several colleagues before joining and I was confident I would be happy here.

What does it feel like to be working in a Fundtech?

Frederic Rochat: The industry is moving at a fast paced but is still very young compared to the financial
markets industry. There are a lot of things to build!

What I like the most is the agility. We release a new version at least once a week. Offering a SaaS solution means we can bring an idea into production in a matter of days.

Frederic Rochat

What’s your role in DOMOS FS?

Frederic Rochat: I am a project manager in the Research and Development department.
As we are growing rapidly, my main mission is to ensure the scalability of our solution. Expanding our user base should have 0 impact on the availability and responsiveness of our systems. I also work from time to time on care and maintenance.

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