Meet Libby BOUAKHAO, a Senior Consultant in the Professional Services team

Libby BOUAKHAO joined Domos FS as a Senior Consultant in 2020. Libby has been working closely with users on various IT implementation projects for retail banking and asset management as a Business Analyst/Project Manager for the past ten years. Discover why she joined us.

What did you do before joining Domos FS?

Libby BOUAKHAO: I have worked as a Business Analyst and project manager for various companies, such as web agencies, insurance, banks and asset managers on IT projects mostly

Why did you join Domos FS?

Libby BOUAKHAO: After working for several years helping users implementing tools or websites, I was looking for a new challenge by working for a startup such as Domos FS in order to get closer to the product and to contribute actively to the development of a tool.

If you are seeking a new challenge and to get out of your comfort zone by working on various projects in a dynamic environment, don’t hesitate!

What’s your role in Domos FS?

Libby BOUAKHAO: My role as a senior consultant is to work closely with the clients by assisting them through the whole process starting from the implementation but also their “business as usual” needs.

So our main goal is to ensure Domos meets our clients needs by understanding their business processes and finding solutions with the R&D team

What does it feel like to be working in a Fundtech?

Libby BOUAKHAO: It is quite intense in the good way as there are so many interesting topics to tackle like investments, portfolio management but also risk and compliance management and legal reportings. We can’t be bored!

What do you like the most?

As we have many various clients, what I like the most is that I learn a lot everyday from them but also from my colleagues with whom we share together our knowledge

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