Domos Compliance

Staying ahead of the dynamic regulatory landscape

Why choose Domos Compliance ?

The ever-evolving regulatory landscape is a real challenge for compliance officers. The Domos Compliance module is designed to rationalize ongoing activity monitoring and document management. With real-time compliance assessments, the solution assists in ensuring full compliance effortlessly.  

Domos’ unique technology helps compliance officers simplify their due diligence and oversight responsibilities, including creating and sending questionnaires, evaluating responses, maintaining communications, and automating review.  
Domos Compliance also offers connectivity to AML/KYC and third-party due diligence screening obligations.  

Key features

  • Due diligence questionnaires 
  • Oversight processes 
  • Pre-configured and customisable task tracking processes with ownership and delegation 
  • Document management system 
  • Automated reporting features 
  • Streamline anti-money laundering and KYC due diligence 

Benefits of the solution

  • Streamlined compliance operations  
  • Efficient compliance record keeping  
  • Thorough traceability & transparency  
  • Full compliance with internal and external requirements

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