Domos Portfolio Management

Monitor your positions, manage your transactions and structure your investments

Why choose Domos Investments ?

The Domos Investments module is tailored to maximise the effectiveness of your investments by implementing a structured workflow, documenting each transaction, and seamlessly generating comprehensive reports on your investments.  

With its robust features and functionalities, you gain comprehensive control over the entire investment lifecycle, from creating holding companies to selling assets, and managing the distribution of dividends, rents, covenants etc. 

Key features

  • Customised transaction flows in line with the investment policy 
  • Investments’ lifecycle management 
  • Advanced interactivity and collaboration features between different departments, entities, counterparts, and other stakeholders 
  • Standardised decision making capabilities 
  • Complete transparency ensured by the transaction audit trail feature 
  • Centralised document management system 
  • Web-based access 

Benefits of the solution

  • Full control over the investment lifecycle 
  • Manage investment restrictions 
  • Structure transactions  
  • Design investments 

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