Domos Investor Portal

Create a seamless investor journey to convert prospects into investors

Why choose Domos Investor Portal ? 

The Domos Investor Portal is a sophisticated platform designed to provide your investors with a comprehensive gateway to investment, legal, and marketing information for alternative investment funds.  

It ensures the safe handling of sensitive information through robust security measures while delivering a hassle-free experience to investors from any device, whether it’s via a web browser or the Domos App. It can also be used for white labeling to showcase your branding.  

The Domos Investor Portal’s cutting-edge functionalities make it the ultimate solution for optimizing investor communications and fostering long-lasting relationships with investors.  

Key features

A 24/7 secure access to funds’ data & documents (notices, reports etc.) enabling to: 

  • Access data rooms 
  • Perform online onboarding 
  • Visualize dashboards & tables 
  • Track funds’ performance  
  • Access & retrieve documents  
  • Upload documents via workflows

Benefits of the solution

  • Global view over investments
  • Unique investment experience
  • Continuous access to funds’ information
  • Strong relationships with investors 
  • Marketing & sales tool for the fundraising team 

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