Empower Limited Partners’ Operations

Why choose Domos Limited Partners ? 

Our solution streamlines middle and back-office operations, from fund administration to investor relations, allowing you to focus on generating returns and growing your business. 

Domos Limited Partners enables automation of operations such as investor notifications, commitments, capital calls, distributions, share transfers, equalizations, conversions, merging, and handling of defaulting LPs. It also facilitates the management of financial arrangements such as carried interest rates, hurdles, catch-up, and more. 

With the Domos Limited Partners module, calculating call or distribution amounts, generating automated notices, and sharing them on a white-labeled portal can be done easily. 

Key features

  • Waterfall modelling 
  • Distribution history 
  • LPs ID cards with document management 
  • Automated notices and capital account statements 
  • IRR & performance calculations 
  • Bridge financing 
  • Cash reconciliation 
  • Simulation mode

Benefits of the solution

  • Streamlining of investment management’s operations 
  • Improved operational efficiency due to a reduced risk of manual errors 
  • Improved financial outcomes

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