Domos Portfolios

Maximize your investment strategy with well-structured portfolios

Why choose Domos Portfolios ?  

This module is designed for alternative investment funds and aims to facilitate the structuring of assets, investment vehicles, and funds for greater clarity and control. 

Domos Portfolio addresses common management challenges, including data quality issues, the absence of standards for capturing illiquid asset, and the lack of a centralized document database. With dedicated ID cards and standardized data, assets are easily documented and structured.  

Additionally, our state-of-the-art document management technology stores all documents in one location, providing constant global access to information on assets, investment vehicles, and funds through a unified database.  

Key features

  • Standardized ID cards to maintain data and specific fields for alternative assets
  • Automatic data integration or direct user input 
  • Customizable data strategy
  • Custom portfolio dashboard design
  • Multi-layer investment diagrams emphasizing co-ownership and complex structures
  • Data consolidation for in-depth analysis

Benefits of the solution

  • Streamlined data management with reduced burden and cost of data collection and formatting
  • Effective monitoring of portfolios for better control and risk management 
  • Identification of opportunities for diversification to optimize investment returns
  • Informed decision-making about future investments based on a clearer overview of your portfolio 

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