Domos Risk

Improve the efficiency of your risk management strategy

Why choose the Domos Risk module ?

Effective risk management is crucial to the success of any investment strategy, especially for European alternative investment funds. As regulatory requirements continue to evolve, it’s critical to ensure that your risk management procedures are up to date and meet the latest standards. 

Our solution helps you to proactively manage risk and outpace potential threats by leveraging advanced monitoring and pre-deal analysis. 

Key features

  • Tailored collaborative dashboards  
  • Standard and specific key risk indicators (KRIs)  
  • Alerts and warning system 
  • Pre-deal risk analyses (investment ratios, cash-flow projections) on the flow 
  • Risk report design studio

Benefits of the solution

  • Proactive risk management: early identification of potential risks and capacity to take immediate action 
  • Better understanding of financial scenarios and their potential impacts on your investments 
  • Customizable risk reporting tailored to your specific needs 
  • Improved investment performance

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